We invite you to join a conference where we will explore the larger situation: the point in time and space at which the paths of psychotherapy crosses the social and political paths. We want to observe this phenomenon, not look away from what is happening around us:

* What impact does social and political life have on our work?

* What happens when we move out from our therapy room?

* What can we learn from each other, by sharing our experiences and ideas?

* How to create a support ground for social activists, volunteers and professionals who witness situations where human rights are violated?

*How to find hope in hopeless circumstances?

Within this frame, our attention will be focused on several current crises situations:

We will create space for sharing experiences from the war in Ukraine and its reverberations in the neighbouring countries, we will look at the refugee situation in the European countries at the so called European borders, we will follow the experience of the human rights activists accompanying human rights defenders during their missions. We will look at different forms of oppression and repression of human rights in different countries and ways to support people in their dignity.

We want this meeting to consist of a well-balanced mix of interaction between human rights field workers and people from different disciplines in the social and political field. We want a scientific lens that will introduce a meta perspective on the world crisis situation as a whole. And we want to inspire each other and create hope in our ongoing fieldwork.

The Human Rights & Social responsibility Committee of EAGT