Conferences 1998 to 2019

The main and most traditional scientific activity is the European Conference of Gestalt Therapy, which happens every three years and is organized every time by a different institute or nation. The aim of this conference is to present research activities in different countries, discussion about theoretical concepts and workshops of the application of Gestalt Therapy in different fields.

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– The 1998 EAGT Conference was held in Palermo, Italy. Hermeneutics and Clinical

– The 2001 EAGT Conference was held in Stockholm, Sweden. A Human Dialogue

– The 2004 EAGT Conference was held in Prague, Czech Republic. Tradition And Renewal

– The 2007 EAGT Conference was held in Athens, Greece. Human Conflict

– The 2010 EAGT Conference was held in Berlin, Germany. Lost in Transformation? – Changing Identities in a Changing World

– The 2013 EAGT Conference was held in Krakow, Poland. The heART of connecting Co-creating individuals and communities

– The 2016 EAGT Conference was held in Taormina, Italy. The Aesthetic of Otherness: meeting at the boundary in a desensitized world – The 2019 EAGT Conference will be held in Budapest, Hungary. Exploring the fertile void with creative indifference

Below a list of European Conferences organized by the EAGT since its foundation:

  1. Germany, 1984
  2. Mainz, Germany, 1986
  3. Veldhoven, The Netherlands, 1989
  4. Paris, France, 1992
  5. Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1995
  6. Palermo, Italy, 1998
  7. Stockholm, Sweden, 2001
  8. Prague, Czech Republic, 2004
  9. Greece, 2007
  10. Berlin, 2010
  11. Krakow, 2013
  12. Taormina, Sicily (Italy), 2016 (a joint AAGT & EAGT conference)
  13. Research in Gestalt Therapy: International Conference Paris, 26-28 May 2017
  14. Conference of the Human Rights &Social Responsibility, 26 – 28 October 2018 Berlin, Germany Budapest, Hungary, 2019 Agenda of the General MeetingOfficial Minutes of the General Meeting

8th EAGT conference in Prague 9-12 September 2004

9th EAGT conference in Athens 6-9 September 2007

10th EAGT conference in Berlin 9-12 September 2010

11th EAGT conference in Krakow 20-22 September 2013

Keynote speech Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Italy:

EAGT Cracovia 2013.pdf

Keynote speech Astrid Alemany Dusendschön, France & Marie-Anne Chidiac, United Kingdom:

GPO keynote Speech Krakow2013 v1.pdf