Scholarship 2018-08-28T20:01:25+00:00

The process of applying for scholarship is now officially closed.  Scholarship funds have been distributed.

With the help of local NOGT’s of EAGT we are able to open a scholarship fund. People who like to attend the conference and face financial obstacles can call for a scholarship  in the amount  between 350 € and to a maximum of  500 €, including the conference fee.

The deadline for application is May, 1st 2018. Your application contains up to 250 words:

  • Name, age, membership status, country, job description
  • Your interest in attending the conference and possibilities to publish an article after the conference
  • Your total financial costs for attending the conference, what you can contribute yourself and the amount you need from the fund
  • Unique personal circumstances to apply

Awarding a scholarship by the scholarship committee is based on trust of the correctness of the received information by applicants. The scholarship committee will decide about your application before May 30, 2018. You must inform the committee within one week if you accept the grant. The names of those who receive an award are only known to the committee members. Please send your application to: