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Our invited guests

Joanna Alexia  psychologist, Gestalt therapist. Lives and works in Athens. Since 2009 she has worked with immigrants and refugees in detention centers and in refugee camps (NGO Medical Intervention), in Babel day center with immigrants and refugees (victims of extreme violence) and in shelters for unaccompanied minors ( NGO Medical Intervention). The last years she also works in supporting the professionals who work in this field.

Gabriele Blankertz – Dip. Päd., Gestaltherapist DVG, Heilpr.Psychotherapie, free practice in Berlin, co-founder of the Inkontakt Gestaltinstitut Berlin, conception and guidance of further education and group offers, u.a. “Circle of Peace” – trauma group for Arab women since 2016 and “Circle of Peace” for Arab men since 2018, as well as workshops in self-management and empowering for refugee Arab men and women.

Clementia Correa – Colombian psychologist. For 27 years  has worked in mental health and human rights from the psychosocial approach in socio-political violence. In Colombia, she accompanied family victims of forced disappearance and displaced communities. In Mexico since 2004, she was an advisor to organizations including International Peace Brigades for 10 years. In 2013 she is the founder of ALUNA Psychosocial Accompaniment, aimed at organizations and journalists who, because of their work, are at risk; they provide attention in crisis, processes of internal strengthening, training in integral security. She has made psychosocial assessments for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Tomaz FlajsB.A., dipl. GPTI, holder of the GATLA certificate of proficiency and ECP, and a full member of the EAGT. He is President of the Slovene Umbrella Organization for Psychotherapy (SKZP), and co-founder of GITA Institute for Gestalt Therapy, Ljubljana, where he works as gestalt psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor. He has trained also abroad, in Croatia, Russia, Austria, Georgia and China. He has written a few articles on Gestalt therapy in Slovene language, among them ‘Political Dimensions of psychotherapy, ‘Men and Shame’ and ‘Use of Metaphors in Gestalt Therapy’, published in the Slovene Review for Psychotherapy Kairos. He has co-founded and is actively involved in the SKZP working group for working with refugees, as a supervisor for psychotherapists who work with refugees, on a voluntary basis.

Nikos Gionakis Graduated from the University of Padua (Italy) in Applied Psychology. Ms c in Social Psychiatry-Child Psychiatry (Greece). Since 1988 worked in psychosocial rehabilitation of chronic psychotic patients and has been actively involved in mental health reform in Greece. Involved in training employees of the public mental health system., experienced in organizing and managing mental health service provision for the marginalized persons /chronic mentally ill, psychogeriatric patients, migrants with mental health disorders/. In 2007 co founded, Babel Day Center, a mental health unit for migrants in Athens (Greece) and is currently the scientific associate of the unit. Has developed clinical activity ( with survivors of extreme violence and other extreme adversities), training activity and supervision activity with professionals and volunteers assisting migrants and refugees. Author of several scientific publications on psychosocial rehabilitation, mental health services implementation, quality assurance, migrant and refugee care, etc.

Andreas Jodecke – Colonel (GS), Special Adviser to the Executive Director Center for International Peace Operations. Lives and works in Berlin. Although still listed as ‘active’ Col Joedecke worked for the United Nations during a sabbatical from 2009 ‘till 2014. In 2015, upon return from New York, he was dispatched to the Ministry of Interior in order to support an ad-hoc team dealing with the large influx of refugees and in 2016 he was transferred to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees where he served as a director of the Northern Region. Since 1998 he has worked in many troubled countries and war zones to include Iraq, Syria, DR Congo, Afghanistan and the Central African Republic. In 2015 he was among the founders of a project supporting unaccompanied underage refugees from Afghanistan (The Poetry Project).

Olena LevchukGestalt therapist, lives and works in Ukraine in risk zones where people not always have choices and their rights are infringed. Has worked as a psychologist in Fundacja Międzynarodowa Inicjatywa Humanitarna with victims of torture and violence (Chechens who were tortured and captured in the Russian Federation). Coordinator of the Ukrainian “International Alert” (Great Britain) and the “GIP” Foundation – (East of Ukraine, on the line of demarcation) – responsible for the psychological part. Has also offered support to the first refugees in Crimea – East Ukraine at the “Crisis Psychological Service of Majdan”.

Maik Müller – holds a Master´s degree in Latin American Regional Studies as well as a post-graduate diploma in psycho-social intervention in situations of political violence and catastrophes. He is a certificated professional mediator with a specialization in organizational conflicts and organizational development processes. He is also a coach, with training from the Gestalt Institute in Barcelona, Spain and other institutions. He worked for Peace Brigades International (PBI) for 10 years in different roles supporting HRDs in Mexico, Colombia and Nepal. Currently he is the head of the Martin Roth-Initiative ( a new protection and relocation programme for artists and civil society actors at risk developed by the “Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen” (Institute for Foreign Relations-ifa) and the Goethe-Institut.

Peter SchulthessMSc, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Zurich, Switzerland. Past president of EAGT, Co-founder of HR&SR Committee. Started connection with Peace Brigades due to his political connections in the Zurich parliament (past member). Several publications pointing out the political aspect of Gestalt Therapy and the social responsibility of Psychotherapists. Co-editor of a book on “Gestalt und Politics” (in German).

Bjarne Solberg at present CO-Owner of Visual Knowlegde (documentation, evaluation and storytelling). Manager in the Danish Red Cross for twelve years ( focus on asylum seekers having physical and/or mental problems due to e.g. torture). Consultant in the City of Copenhagen, responsible for the formulation and implementation of the City´s basic values, and ethnic equality policy (four years). Country Representative for Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in Bosnia-Hercegovina. (Return of the internally displaced persons and rebuilding of infrastructure, in Srebrenica, Sarajevo, Mostar). Started Mindlift, with focus on integration. Implemented and developed methods for integration, in e.g. the municipalities of Rotterdam and Utrecht. Education of mentor ship for Unions. Worked on anti-discrimination of handicapped. Worked on integration in Integrationsnet a part of DRC. Institute for Career Development introduction for refugees to the Danish society.

Kristin Verellen is the co-founder of the Civil Movement ‘Circles – We have the choice’ in Belgium and author of ‘Who am I without light?’, published for the moment in Dutch and French.  A book with the photography of her life partner Johan Van Steen and the poems she wrote in her mourning, after Johan was killed in the Brussels terrorist attacks in march 2016. Kristin’s personal tragedy has motivated her to dedicate a big part of her life to recreate connective rituals that stimulate inclusive dialogue, community building and resilience ( She has shown great courage in the face of adversity, turned vulnerability into strength and inspired many others to connect, listen and engageHer professional background as an organizational consultant, coach and Gestalt psychotherapist is very helpful in this. Recently honored with “We have the choice” by Pax Christi as an Ambassador of Peace. The growing impact of the intercultural circles that We have the choice organizes brings new insights into shared embodied resilience and what that can mean for victims of terrorism and each one of us.

Jean Verstraeteis a member of the Core Team of ‘Circles – We have the choice’ since the official start of the movement in 2016. He is contributing to help the movement grow and find his own way of working on a small scale and bring a positive change on a larger scale. The Circles can reach anyone who has been affected in one way or another by a traumatizing situation (from a crisis, terror, violence, disaster, extremism…) that had an impact on a large group of people or community and seeks a meaningful way to deal with it. He is a full-time Gestalt psychotherapist, specialized in High Sensitive Persons and trauma& bodywork. He also is involved in leadership training that include rituals connected to nature

Zolfaqar Shaarani  – is a visual artist was born in Damascus, Syria 1981. He studied fine art in Damascus University 2009 – 2013, worked as a visual artist since 2007 participating and managing several projects in Syria, Istanbul, Athena, Thessaloniki, and currently in Berlin. He researches in the fields of Anthropology, Philosophy, Cultures and Music since 2000 while on the other hand he is still making visual art and music to express his thoughts, to make it touchable. Ηε is also interested in Neurosciences, Linguistics, Dance and Martial arts. Thus, He is making his Art Film while trying to combine di, he ferent types of arts in one single picture made out of knowledge. Shaarani sees that the only main reason pushes us to make art, is our underlying need to express our selves –  he said: “I found human is an interesting creature. And I would be very happy if I had the chance to tell this creature about him/her self”.