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We invite you to submit proposals for presentations at this exciting gathering: EAGT HR&SR Conference, to be held in Berlin, on October 26-28th, 2018

The theme of the conference reflects the scope of our activity in the field, throughout Europe. The conference will bring together therapists who are actively involved in all sorts of social action with needier populations – and interested colleagues who would like to investigate their options of joining or initiating activities. The main purpose of the conference is to share experience, gain from our collective creativity and learn from each other.

Following Ph. Lichtenberg’s words: “The trick for those who want to be agents of social change is to find the change side in many people, from many walks of in life and all social classes and to bind together in common purpose” – we invite you to share some of your own activity and ideas and bring them to the attention of our professional community. By doing so you may inspire and motivate others to action – each in one’s own environment.

We invite you to offer two forms of presentations:

  • Workshops (90 minutes)
  • Posters.

Workshops (90 minutes)

The workshop should reflect your experiences from work in the social field in various situations, and be interactive so all participants can share their experiences and learn from each other. Link yours and participants experiences , to  Gestalt Therapy theory.

The submission must include the name and complete contact information for the individual responsible for the presentation and a 150 words maximum abstract.

Posters presentation

Poster presentations provide an opportunity for presenters and participants to interact in a less formal environment. All poster abstracts should include detail information about the project it represents and the people it concerns.

Posters will be available for a period of time during the conference, in thematically linked sessions. Presenters are required to be present at their poster display in order to discuss their findings with interested delegates at the time scheduled by the conference organizers.